April 2021

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April 18, 2021 


The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 5:02 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Daren G.


Board members present: Daren G., Sean M., Pat B., Martha D., Noah D., John F, Joe H. and Jean D.


Board members absent:   none


Guests: Brian O.


Agenda item from New Business addressed at this time: Change in Board

Daren reviewed that Jim M. has officially vacated his position.  This leaves the Assistant Treasurer position open. Brian O., attending as a guest tonight, is interested in the position.  Brian introduced himself; said he has been coming to the white house since October 2019, would like to be of service, is interested in serving in the Assistant Treasurer position.  John made a motion that Brian be appointed to the vacated Board position.  Joe seconded the motion. A vote was heard and the motion passed.  Martha will ask Hilary to update the Board list on the website and will send Brian Board documents. 


Secretary's Report:  Martha noted that the March Board Meeting minutes had been distributed via email and no necessary corrections had been noted.  There was confusion over whether March minutes had been sent out, or February.  Martha will re-send.  March meeting minutes approval will be tabled until next month. 


Treasurer's Report:  Jean reviewed the financial documents (March Donation Summaries, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets and Wells Fargo banking statements).  Noah made a motion to approve the March financial documents.  John seconded, and the motion passed.  In the next month, meeting will be held with Jerry H. (past President and Treasurer), Jean, Brian.


Visitor Questions and Concerns:  none



Committee Reports: 


Literature & Medallions:  Noah reported no current purchasing needs noted; will continue to assess.


Facilities Maintenance:  Pat restarted the water heater.  Joe noted that the upstairs bathroom had had 200 dead flies, which he cleaned up. Pat wondered if we should do maintenance extermination. Daren said if the dead fly problem persists, he will talk to Nadyne at the Church.


Publications & Public Relations:  John reported nothing to update.  It was noted that the entry door still has the old contact sheet on it.  John agreed to update it.


Supplies: Joe reported supplies are in good shape.


House Security:  Sean reported no known problems. 



Old Business:


DAS website donations:  Jean asked for website manager’s contact information for follow up.


Key retrieval:  Martha and Sean will contact Jim M., Greg, and Jake to see if they have sets. 


Insurance update:  Martha reported that she told Bill Butler agency to go ahead with policies.


House phone: How much value the landline has was discussed. The ongoing line noise appears to be a problem in the line (not easily fixed). Voicemail is full and no one knows the passcode.  Joe made a motion to cancel the Century Link phone service.  Jean seconded and the motion passed.  Noah made a motion to subscribe to a Google phone number that can rotate among Board members. John seconded the motion and the motion passed. Martha will cancel Century Link and set up Google Voice. 


New Business:


Board Member changes (see above)


Changing Board Meeting time:  Noah suggested we table until next month.  


Summer Picnic:  Pat asked if we will be having this event.  Will put on next month’s agenda.  Will ask Jerry the date of the picnic reservation for 2021.


Gopher State:  Event will be this fall; Jean will ask past coordinator to outline what all is involved in that job role.  


The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 5:53 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D