Squad Leader News

Friendly Reminders

Please note the following important reminders.  Please pass them on to your groups as necessary


State of MN Guidelines (Related to COVID-19)

Please review these trusted servant responsibilities following State of MN guidelines.


Smoking Policy Reminder:

Smoking is Prohibited within 25 feet of the front door of the White House. Please do not smoke on the front porch or steps.


Squad Leader Guide:  

The DAS Squad Leader Guide has 33 pages of information including group leader and treasurer responsibilities, sample meeting agendas and readings, info and directions to Hastings Detox, and much more.
View the complete Squad Leader Guide here.


House Cleanup:

Please remember that cleanup is to be done after each meeting.  This includes washing out coffee pots, wiping down kitchen counters and tables in the main room and taking out the garbage.  It is ultimately the Squad Leader responsibility to make sure these tasks are completed.


In addition to these daily tasks, each group is responsible for a thorough cleaning of the house one month out of the year. Please see the Squad Leader Guide (Section 2.6) for cleaning details and full schedule. 


Next Squad Leader Meeting: 

The quarterly Squad Leader meetings have been discontinued until further notice.