May 3, 2020 Emergency Board Meeting

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May 3, 2020



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 5:07 pm. 


Board members present: Jean D., Daren G., Noah D., Jerry H., Pat B., Paul T., and Martha D.


Board members absent:  John F., Sarah C.


Guests: Susan


Issues discussed:


Jerry gave update having talked to the Church.  No meetings will be allowed to be held inside the Church.


Purpose of today’s Special Board Meeting is to discuss how and when the Dakota Alano will reopen to the general membership.


The current Minnesota Stay Home Order runs through May 18.

AA meetings are not exempted.

Discussed putting a tent up on the Alano grounds. Decided not to.

Meetings that are outside are being held on impromptu basis; not Board sanctioned.

Discussed whether chairs from inside the Alano can be brought outside; decided no.

Communication plan: will post updates on door and on website.

Do we want to invite Members to give input?  It has already been on website ongoing that members are welcome to attend virtual Board meetings; that is the avenue for giving input. Plus members can email the Board at any time.  Have not received any.

Re: sanitation plan (initial and ongoing); Jerry provided detailed template. Decided to table more in depth discussion until next Board meeting and/or when Governor lifts Stay Home Order.

Discussed whether Board has authority to instruct groups on cleaning protocol; decided Board can give recommendations.  

Question about using some of the prudent reserve funding to hire cleaning service, both initially and ongoing.

Could suggest that groups solicit group volunteers to take responsibility for cleaning

Suggest keeping online meetings going after Stay-Home Order is lifted so people have choice if they don’t feel comfortable coming to in-person meetings.

Could ask people at meetings to wipe their chair before/after meeting (like gyms do).

Was noted that cleaning supplies effective at killing the novel coronavirus are still not available at stores.

Re: PPE – could Alano provide masks and gloves? Decided at this time they are not available.

When governor opens State back up, there will be requirements such as social distancing, masks, etc. Rules will be given, and then Alano can decide if we can meet the rules.

Porta potty for the Alano grounds?  Decided not to do so at this time due to inability for members to properly wash hands.

Will talk at next Board meeting about setting trusted servant meeting.

Noah will hang sign on door that says no entry for any reason, except for trusted servant.

Next board meeting


The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 5:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D