August 2020

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August 16, 2020



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 5:05 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Daren G.


Board members present: Daren G., Pat B., Jean D., Noah D., John F., and Martha D.


Board members absent:  Sarah C., Jerry H., Paul T.


Guests: Susan H.


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that after sending out via email the July Board Meeting minutes, she did not receive any modifications or corrections.  Jean made a motion to accept the July Board Meeting Minutes.  Noah seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Treasurer's Report:  Jerry had reported in absentia that he is working on getting Quickbooks back up and running.  The May, June, and July 2020 Meeting Donation Summaries, Profit & Loss Statements, and Balance Sheets are therefore still not available.

Approval will be tabled until statements can be reviewed. 

Daren asked what is the responsibility of the Dakota Alano Society, Inc., in terms of money tracking and reporting.  Susan mentioned that the Bylaws do not specify specific format or level of detail, however, as a business we would want to demonstrate sound accounting principles.


Jean reported out on Jill K. memorial donations and group donations she received.

Visitor Questions and Concerns:  none



Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions:  Noah mentioned that there are no remaining “As Bill Sees It” books. Daren will replenish.


Facilities Maintenance:  Pat mentioned overabundance of acorns on the pathway. In the past, the Church has blown with leaf blower. Daren will ask Jerry about it this; if we should reach out to Church.  Noah asked if we should put a blind on the downstairs bathroom window rather than the blue construction paper. Daren suggested we consider this in next fiscal year.


Publications & Public Relations:  John said no report.


Supplies:  Pat mentioned we may be out of wipes; he put out cans of Lysol spray and paper towel. Jean asked if there are still cases of wipes locked upstairs.  Martha will check.


House Security:   Jerry is stopping at locksmith to get copies made of the literature cabinet key. Noah mentioned that previously disruptive member who attends many meetings has been doing really well; not disruptive recently.



Old Business:


Regarding Annual Membership Meeting and Recruitment of New Board Candidates:

Martha will reach out to trusted servants who had expressed interest. Noah will announce at his meeting.

Pat will talk to member he knows who is interested.

John will talk to his men’s group, and can also ask his sponsees if any are interested.

We will regroup via email in one week and decide if Board should attend groups to further spread the word.



New Business:


Feedback from Trusted Servants:  Al-Anon group gave feedback that the unorganized Gopher State supplies in the basement could be cleaned up to make more room. Noah and a few others will move the Gopher State stuff, throw out what’s expired. Pat will put out more mousetraps.


Live Trusted Servant List: Noah has a list of trusted servants that he will continue to keep current; please share with him any updates.


The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 5:59 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D