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SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:01 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Daren G.


Board members present: Martha D., Sarah C., Paul T., Daren G., Andrea M., Jerry H., Brad A.


Board members absent: John S.


Incoming FY 2019/20 Board members present: Noah D., Jean D., Pat B. (John F. not present)


Guests: Adam, Susan, Mark, Tara


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that she had received no corrections to the August minutes distributed via email. Jerry made a motion to approve the minutes. Sarah seconded the motion and the motion passed.  


Treasurer's Report:  Jerry H had emailed to the Board for review the August Meeting Donation Summary Report, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Wells Fargo banking statements. Noted that this is the 11-month mark of the fiscal year.  Jerry asked if Andrea’s purchase of literature could be put in 19/20 FY and he will budget for it.   Noah asked if the current budget deficit is of concern. Jerry said this is the 3rd year in the a row of a deficit, and that it is something we can continue to watch. Noted that we do have a large amount in reserve, along with potential for moving from this location.  Jerry said at end of FY he expects about $500-600 deficit and mentioned alternatives we can look at. We could fall back on members for specific donations for purchases. Also noted that we had some unusual expenses like the paint project and the pop machine disposal. But donations and expenses have both remained pretty stable. Mark asked what the $207 bank charges are. Jerry said that was the annual fee for the safety deposit box and the fee to close out the old CD’s. Pat asked why we’re paying a credit card fee. Jerry said it’s not a credit card fee; it’s for our Quickbooks account  Pat mentioned he has Quickbooks for his business and there is no fee. Sarah made a motion to approve the August financial documents. Martha seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Visitor Questions and Concerns:  Tara asked if we can purchase a screen door. Daren said the expenditure was approved last month and that outgoing maintenance person was going to get one, however this did not happen. Daren suggested the new maintenance person purchase.  Tara said that Gary also offered to purchase and install it if he can reimbursed for cost.  

Lease: Mark mentioned that current lease of the House from Mt. Calvary Church was ending late 2019 and wondered if anyone (specifically outgoing President) had met with Church personnel to discuss.  No one was aware of any such discussion Mark suggested that incoming President handle.



Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions:  Andrea reported having replenished the literature cabinet, spending $1848.


Facilities Maintenance:  Paul brought up the potential hazard of loose back steps.  Jerry said that might be for the Church to address. Susan suggested we ask that anything we do structurally be coordinated with the Church – do they want to do; should we do, etc.  Noah reminded we still need to buy blinds. Brad said a lot of the windows aren’t able to open. They’re old, it’s humid, recent painted.


Publications & Public Relations (Paul):  Paul said there hadn’t been any online inquiries in the past month.


Supplies (Daren G):  Daren reported all stocked.


House Security (Brad A): Brad reported that the keys have been switching up very rapidly, so has not been able to keep up with tracking keys who has keys. Whoever is new security person will likely need to track. All meetings have a set of keys. Jerry asked for clarification  - do we need new keys made?  Brad said no. Jerry said there is one locksmith who can make keys for us – alternative would be to rekey the locks. Jerry said he and Lonnie are the two authorized Board members who can contract with locksmith.


Old Business:

Painting wrap up today/reimbursement: Tara said Connie purchased the remaining supplies.  Jerry suggested that Connie submit receipt; Tara will tell her.


Safety committee – Andrea said their first meeting is tomorrow at 5pm; anyone interested is welcome. They’re going to hear suggestions, identify next steps.  Andrea said she has heard interest in creating another women’s meeting. She said she looked at area women’s meetings and Thursday and Friday appear to be deficit.


Memorial Plaque name process –Approval goes through each group via group conscience and then letting the Board know. Sarah clarified there’s no approval needed from the Board, just notification. Pat asked if there’s any requirements. None- just if you were a member at the House in some capacity. Jerry said initially it was discussed that whoever submitted the name would absorb the plaque engraving cost (or the group).


New Business:

Vaping Regulations – Daren researched. Aug 1st it became effective that e-cigs and vaping have same rules as smokers. Publications person will make sign/post at house. Daren suggested announcing at meetings that it’s now MN State Law. Andrea suggested it can go in newsletter, too.


Meetings cards – add Intergroup #’s? Susan said she could add that to the layout but would likely need to take something else off, etc. Would just be matter of next time they’re printed. Brad asked if we still have District 19 schedules. Bard said if we had those out in conjunction with the cards, the district 19 does have the intergroup #.  Jean said maybe just put the intergroup # on the bulletin board.  Jerry said it might be beyond our purpose to include other numbers. Noah asked if the Sat 11am meeting could be designated as a Step Meeting on the cards next time they are printed.


Literature Cabinet inventory: Sarah suggested we do inventory of literature cabinet. Susan concurred; said we used to do so. Jerry suggested that we have incoming Board member responsible for Literature & Medallions handle routinely surveying literature supply needs. 


Officer Elections: Susan reviewed the 4 officer positions and how the process works.  Two nominations for President: Jerry and Sarah. Board voted and Daren was elected as President. Sarah will be Treasurer.  Two nominations for Vice President: Daren and Paul. Board voted and Daren was elected as Vice President.

Andrea nominated Martha to continue in role as Secretary and Martha accepted the position. Andrea opened up the floor for incoming Board members to express any personal interest in roles of maintenance, supplies, security, publications, and assistant treasurer.


Pat will do maintenance. Jean, assistant treasurer   Noah, security and also will be Board liaison for Safety Committee.  Paul will do supplies. John will do publications. Susan reminded that publications person should work with whoever is doing newsletter.


Re: Advisory Board: Martha mentioned that there are 6 spots on the Advisory Board; all are filled, however, Phil Tobey is interested in relinquishing his spot if someone else will take it. Outgoing Board members eligible for this role: Brad and Andrea. Brad declined interest. Andrea accepted Advisory Board position and also expressed interest in doing the newsletter on ongoing basis.


Keys: will need to be collected from Phil, John, Dalles. Martha will reach out to John and Dalles.  Mark will reach out to Phil.   


Back door Emergency Numbers: Daren, Andrea, and Pat agreed to be the contacts listed on the door.  Andrea will make the list and post.


Motion to Close: 

A motion to close the meeting was made by Martha. Sarah seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 6:19 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D