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AUGUST 11, 2019 



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 5:03 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Susan H.


Board members present: Martha D., Sarah C., Paul T., Daren , Brad J., Jerry H., Andrea M., Dalles J.


Board members absent: John S.


Guests: Doug, Mollie, Susan, Pat, Jean, Jackie, Kim, Connie, Allie, Ping, Jenny, Joslyn, Janice, Darby, Brad, James, Lonnie, Mark, Marsha, Tracey


Secretary's Report: 

  • Martha reported that because there was not quorum for the July Board Meeting, no official minutes were taken, even though informally some members expressed concerns to present Board members.  She also said she had received no corrections to the June minutes distributed.  Sarah made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Daren seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Martha will post the June minutes on the Alano bulletin board, as well as submit to the website administrator.
  • Martha also mentioned that she took the liberty of changing the order of today's meeting agenda, with New Business preceding Old Business. She mentioned that we will be asking for any visitors to bring forward questions and concerns, but if the item is already an agenda item, to please wait until that item is called. 


Treasurer's Report: 

  • Jerry H had emailed to the Board for review the May, June, and July 2019 Meeting Donation Summaries, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets and Wells Fargo banking statements.  The May financial documents had been tabled at the June meeting. 
  • Jerry provided an overview of the May financial documents.  Martha made a motion to accept the May financial documents as presented. Daren seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  • Jerry provided an overview of the June financial documents.  Dalles made a motion to accept the June financial documents as presented. Paul seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  • Jerry provided an overview of the July financial documents.  Sarah made a motion to accept the July financial documents as presented. Paul seconded the motion and the motion passed.



Visitor Questions and Concerns:  

  • Connie asked if the current phone is working. Daren said it's the line that is causing the problem.  Mollie suggested someone authorized call the phone company. Jerry volunteered to do so. 
  • Annie brought up an ongoing concern that smokers congregate close to the House. Daren made a motion to post a sign that states the number of feet required per state regulation.  Sarah seconded the motion and the motion passed. Daren will purchase signage.  Jean mentioned that other locations have used orange cones to designate the area.  Sara suggested we try the sign first and try other options later if signage doesn't work.


Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions (Andrea M): 

Andrea noted there is a need for inventory replenishment; she will do an inventory and replenish this coming week.


Facilities Maintenance (Dalles J): 

  • Dalles said interior painting is getting wrapped up; he's been busy and hasn't been able to finish yet.  He was told that two windows in main room need blinds; he will purchase. 
  • Dalles mentioned there is a concern about front porch deck boards. Discussion noted that since we are not to use the front porch; boards are not a concern to be dealt with at this time.
  • Dalles mentioned his personal tools have gone missing.  Paul mentioned that church maintenance personnel come in at times; maybe check with them. Martha mentioned that she is not aware of any policy in place regarding reimbursement to members for stolen property. Paul will make a sign re: Dalles' missing tools.  Susan suggested we table this issue until next month; see if the posted sign brings any information forward.  
  • Susan asked about screen door. Connie said it broke at hinge. Dalles mentioned he can get a door.   Daren made a motion to allow purchase of a door; Paul seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  • Connie asked about front porch furniture; asked if it can it be moved to the back concrete pad. Daren said yes, as long as it gets placed back. If plan is to keep it out on the back concrete pad, we would need to get permission from the Church. Andrea will ask the Church. Martha mentioned that she is not aware of any policy in place. Susan suggested we table until next month.


Publications & Public Relations (Paul): 

  • Paul mentioned that the 2218 Club's Ride for Recovery event, where dozens of riders visited the Dakota Alano had been a public relations success. 
  • Martha mentioned it had not been approved by the Board and that when event riders showed up, people at the meeting were caught unaware and had to run out and get refreshments..
  • Paul said it had pulled together just a few days before the event, and after the Board meeting (where it was decided the Board would not be approving the event or asking the Church since Paul had been unable to reach event coordinators at 2218.  
  • Sarah suggested that in such a circumstance in the future, the entire Board be involved in any last minute decision making. 
  • Jerry asked about the donations received that day; clarified with Mollie what the checks she submitted were for.


Supplies (Daren G): Daren said there was nothing of note.


House Security (Brad A.):  Brad said other than the stolen tools, he is not aware of any other security issues. He said he does have a key holders' list he will bring next month.





Annual Membership Meeting September 15th 2019; Board Member positions to fill

  • Susan provided overview of the two September meetings. The 3rd Sunday of September is the Annual Membership Meeting.  the 4th Sunday of September is the monthly Board Meeting. 
  • There will be 4 vacant Board member positions:  Andrea was filling a vacated Board position, John & Brad will have completed their 3-year commitment, and Dalles mentioned that because he now lives far away, he will be vacating his position effective tonight.
  • There are 5 current Board members who will continue in to the next fiscal year: Jerry, Sarah and Paul will be entering their 3rd year of service; Martha and Daren will be entering their 2nd year of service.


Claims of Inappropriate Behavior

  • Susan mentioned she was approached by a member, who was speaking on behalf of multiple members, regarding unwanted behavior occurring at the House. This includes sexually suggestive texting, people feeling they're being followed within the House and/or being pursued outside of meetings. This is happening by those in positions of influence, such as long time attendees at the House.
  • Susan suggested that on the one hand, this could be considered only a group issue, rather than a Board issue. But perhaps, since it is taking place in multiple settings, it could considered a valid issue for Board consideration. 
  • The Board at times has deliberated on special issues.
  • Susan brought with her conference approved literature from the General Service Office (GSO), which addresses safety at AA meetings.    
  • Susan said she came with suggestions, any one of which (or more) could be considered:  place a member resources bulletin board, make a Dakota Alano Society Inc. statement that meetings can use, provide a list of suggested actions that members can take if they feel threatened, have a member-driven group conscience meeting, could announce Safety as an item at the Annual General Membership meeting next month.
  • Jerry thanked Susan for her thoughtful and organized presentation.  Jerry mentioned our 1st tradition as a guiding principle for this discussion; "our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity". He suggested that the Board approve use of the GSO statement/guidelines for safety and behavior as policy at the House. 
  • Susan said there is a policy section in the Operations Journal, suggesting that policy statements or considerations could be approved for inclusion in that space. 
  • Andrea shared that she experienced unwanted behavior that resulted in her not coming to meetings at the House for a period of time. She offered to participate in a Safety Committee. 
  • Martha suggested that at the Annual Membership Meeting, the agenda include formation of a safety committee.  That committee would then be tasked with understanding our Society's governing Bylaws and Operations Journal and make suggestions to the Board. 
  • Daren suggested that in the meantime, we can suggest to individual trusted servants that they tell group members at their meetings that we are aware of the unwanted behavior issue and are working on resolution. 
  • Andrea read aloud the GSO's "Safety Card For AA Groups"; an optional statement that groups can use. 
  • Martha reviewed that the Board can't tell individual groups what to do, but we can put information in the group cubbies. This could include the Safety Card which they can use at their meeting, if they wish. Can also let them know that the formation of a safety committee will be on the Annual Membership Meeting agenda. 
  • Jerry suggested amending the Operations Journal immediately.
  • Janice brought up a question of whether, at a certain point in time, a DAS member can be excluded from the Society. 
  • Mark reiterated that it's not the Board's responsibility to manage personal behavior, although posting things and having a committee formed is a good start. 
  • Ping drew attention to Tradition 3; "the only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking", as well as the general principles of anonymity and group autonomy; saying the Board can't identify what groups should do.
  • Erin said yes, the groups are autonomous, but we also need to figure out what can be done on a broader level.  And what repercussion are potentially appropriate. 
  • Sarah said that at other AA houses, situations like this occur and individual members can be asked to no longer attend that location. If behavior escalates, legal action can occur. 
  • Paul said he agrees broader oversight is appropriate.
  • Susan gave the example of another meeting in the metro, Foxhall, has a safety committee. 
  • Jackie said she's aware of this happening in another location where a restraining order was issued; the perpetrator could not step onto property again.
  • Tara thanked Andrea for being willing to lead the safety committee and suggested the committee include a male co-chairperson; reminding that both males and females can be offenders of unwanted behavior. 
  • Connie said that since the House is church-owned, a church member should be involved with the Safety Committee.
  • Daren said a lot of good points were brought up. Reviewed that next step is formation of a safety committee, and also mentioned we need to have awareness of overstepping our bounds. 
  • Brad said it has to start at the top. Daren agreed and said that we've now started the discussion at the top by reviewing GSO documents and suggesting a safety committee.  The committee prepares guidelines and it trickles down from there.
  • Susan said her hope is that as the ball gets rolling, some of the behavior will curb because members are aware. 
  • Brad suggested that we could in the meantime get the trusted servants together.
  • Sarah reiterated that any group at any time can discuss this.
  • Brad wants all groups to be consistent in what's presented. 
  • Andrea reiterated that each cubby will receive the Safety Card and can decide independently if they wish to use.


DAS Inc. participation in Founders Day: 

Martha read email received by Darci L, a board member for the Founder's Day event, asking if the Dakota Alano Society would like to participate. Daren suggested that since the last two months have seen a decrease in revenue, we hold off for this year committing to an event expense. No objection from anyone present.  Martha will communicate this to Darci L.





Pop machine: 

  • Mollie made a proposal for DAS to use an outside vendor who would lease, stock, maintain machine.
  • Sarah said one of the reasons we've had the machine is that the machine provides revenue.
  • Jerry said the reality has been that the overall expenses have likely outpaced revenue. 
  • Brad J. suggested that using an outside vendor goes against the principle of not affiliating with any outside enterprise.
  • Brad C. suggested that the Gopher Food Fund could purchase a pop machine.. Said he'd take responsibility for keeping it stocked, etc
  • Lonnie asked for clarification of whether there is an obligation to provide pop availability to members.
  • Mollie suggested that because this is an Alano Club, it would be nice to have choices.
  • Susan suggested we don't have a responsibility to provide pop.
  • Sarah suggested we review the options and take a vote: 1) not have a pop machine,  2) honor system where we'd have a refrigerator full of pop and members would contribute, 3) use outside leasing vendor, 4) Gopher State Food Fund
  • A vote was taken and the Board voted to have no pop machine. 


Board Meeting Time Change: 

Daren made a motion to change the Board Meeting time to 5pm. Martha seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Painting Wrap up:

Dalles said it'll be done in the next week or 10 days.


Safety Deposit Box:

Jerry reviewed the email he had previously sent to the Board.  Last week, he and the former Board treasurer went to Wells Fargo to see what was in the box. The only thing there was a photocopy verifying exemption from sales tax and other insignificant items.  They closed the box account.


Committee for Events & Special Opportunities:

Dalles suggested it would be helpful to have a committee that would know of all the events going on the district, service opportunities, etc.  Martha suggested we wait until the new Board is in place, and when we review what each Board member is responsible for, could either wrap this in to an existing Board member or determine whether a special committee is needed.


Summer Picnic:

Did a general review of how the picnic went. Daren suggested that next year we inventory supplies before the event to avoid over-purchasing.


Sarah made a motion to end the meeting at 6:30pm.  Martha seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D