September 2018

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September 23th, 2018

Board Members Present: Mark, Brad, Dan, Sarah, Dalles, Darren, Phil John, Paul, Jerry, Andrea

Board Members Absent: N/A

Advisory Board and Guests Present:  Susan, Justin, Mike, Lonnie, Len, Kayla, Martha

Mark opened the meeting @ 6:01pm with the Serenity Prayer

Introductions were made and Andrea read the Twelve Traditions

Secretary’s Report:

John motioned to accept Secretary’s Report for August.  Jerry seconded. Secretary’s report approved.

Treasurer’s Report: 

  • Items noted in August:
    • Donations avg. $1479- up from last year- several months of meeting donations
    • Total Income: $1995.00- up from last year- soda sales, pledges, Literature sales
    • Net Income: $-434.45- picnic, literature restock, humidifier- bigger purchases

Dan motioned to accept Treasurer’s Report for Ausgust. Andrea seconded. Treasurer’s report approved.

Visitor Questions and Concerns: 

  • Kayla:
    • Found some house keys in the parking lot- will give them to Brad

Committee Reports:

  • Literature and Medallions – John-
    • Nothing important to note
    • Facility Maintenance – Dan
      • Dehumidifier in basement 1 month- smells better- dry
      • Toilet Paper Holder fixed- should hold- NO acrobatics on it
      • Sprayed for Mold- preventative- does not have bleach- Mold Rescue? FOR POROUS SURFACES
      • House Handicap Accessible-
        • Church put the kibosh- too much money
        • Publication & Public Relations – Andrea
          • Handicap signs were already out- Andrea did not need to make flyers
          • Supplies- Paul
            • Will need supplies in the next month
            • Pop Machine is Broken- Diet Coke
              • Mark will call to find a time to fix- will let Dalles or Darren know so they can meet at house
                • His Hours are 8-4
                • Not always responsive
                • House Security- Brad
                  • Lonnie got Keys
                  • 1 TS Turned over- keys have been passed along
                  • Monthly TS Meeting
                    • Lonnie- 3rd Sunday @ 5:15pm right before the board- 25% attendance
  • Darren and Dalles need cabinet keys


Old Business:

  • Plaque-More formal sign:
    • We have a more formal sign- has received (1) e-mail
    • Dan will hang on to the Plaque Responsibility
    • Handicap Parking- See Above
    • Basement- See Above
    • 3rd Position Fulfillment-
      • Martha- has been on the board before
      • All in Favor- Welcome Martha!

New Business:

  • Cards
    • We are out- Susan will add new meetings and get printed
    • Nadine would like a stack at the Church
    • Mike F- Suggests Meeting Minutes should be more professional without all the commentary
    • Thanks to all the Board Members going out- Thanks to existing Board Members- Susan, special thanks- ‘Glue that Holds the Board Together’
    • Board Positions:
      • President- Andrea nominates John, Jerry 2nds, John accepts- John- President
      • Vice President-Sarah nominates Andrea, John 2nds, Andrea accepts- Andrea- Vice President
      • Secretary- Martha has been Secretary in the past, Jerry nominates Martha, everyone 2nds- Martha Accepts- Martha Secretary
        • Sarah will get Martha Archives
  • Jerry- Treasurer
  • Sarah- Assistant Treasurer
    • Mike-Will this work if Sarah & Jerry are out at the same time? Yes, Sarah will be Treasurer her last year- have an assistant treasurer
  • Security- Brad
  • Supplies- Darren
  • Publications and Public Relations- Paul
  • Maintenance- Dalles
  • Advisory Board
    • Mary Jo, Lee, Michon & Andre- gave up Advisory Positions by not being at the meeting
    • Mark, Dan, and Phil- Exiting Members will ALL stay on as Advisory Members
    • Susan, Mike and Lonnie- will also remain as Advisory Members
    • Emergency List
      • Remove Paul- Add Dalles


Mark made a motion to close.  Brad Seconded.


The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 6:54pm




  • Trusted Servant Monthly Meeting