October 2015 Board Meeting

October 2015 Board Meeting

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Dakota Alano Board Meeting Minutes

October 18th, 2015


Board Members Present: Michon, Mike, Lonnie, Andre, Phil, Mark


Board Members Absent: Martha, Lee, Dan


Advisory Board and Guests: Susan, Mary Jo, Rob, Brad


Lonnie opened the meeting with the serenity prayer at 6:00 p.m.  Andre read the Twelve Traditions.  Introductions were made.


Secretary’s Report:

The board confirmed they had received the September 2015 minutes. A motion to approve the September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes, as emailed, was made by Andre. Michon seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:

Mike presented the September treasurer’s report. A Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Michon. Phil seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Squad Leader and Visitor Questions/Concerns:

Styrofoam Cups - Brad brought up the issue of Styrofoam cup usage worldwide by AA groups. Brad stated that this is a growing concern for AA and there will be a big push by the GSO to reduce or eliminate Styrofoam cups in 2016. Brad offered to bring more detailed information to the November board meeting along with some suggestions for options. Lonnie requested this be added to the agenda for November.


Handrails - Mary Jo requested that the board investigate more solid handrails for both sides of the steps. Currently there is a handrail on the left side only (facing the house). It is square and not easy to grip. Lonnie and Mike said they had looked at the existing handrail with the maintenance man from the church, and determined that the current handrail is rock solid and functional. Lonnie stated that the next improvement project to be discussed with the church is to look at the steps overall, so they will revisit the handrail issue at that time.


Committee Reports

Lit & Med. (Lee):  No report in Lee’s absence.


Supplies (Mark): Mark and Michon will get Mark added to the Sam’s account this month. There were no other issues to report.


Publishing (Andre): Andre met with Susan about the newsletter and website, and reported they will be collaborating in the next few in months until he gets up to speed. Andre asked for information the board would like included in the newsletter or on the website, specifically information on the care of the new floors. There are no special instructions on maintaining the floors. Andre mentioned that Brad had sent him photos of the new floors and the new “comfy room”, which he will include in the newsletter.


Archives (Martha): Nothing to report.


Facilities Maintenance (Dan): No report in Dan’s absence.


House Security (Michon):  No issues to report.


Old Business:

Sponsorship Workshop:  Brad did not have any additional details, so this topic was tabled again until the November meeting.


Pop Machine:  Mark investigated several options, reporting that it will cost  $1100-$1400 to replace the pop machine with a similar new model. The cost of a refurbished machine was not significantly lower.  He did not look into a distribution relationship with a dealer because he figured it would not be worth their while to maintain and service our machine.
A short discussion followed about whether the board supports having a pop machine.


Mike made a motion that the board proceeds with budgeting for a pop machine acquisition. Andre seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Air Duct Cleaning, Mini Blinds, Rugs: Michon brought in a coupon offering air duct cleaning and furnace inspection for $49.99. The board suspects the actual cleaning will be more than what the coupon covers. Michon will contact the company and see what they will cover and what the actual cost will be. If the cost is $250 or less, she will proceed with scheduling the cleaning.


Brad stated the mini blinds can be replaced every other year for $100 if they are purchased at Walmart, which is preferable to the rigorous task of attempting to clean them. Lonnie said that Dan is also getting some estimates on replacing the blinds. This issue will be discussed at the November Board meeting.


Michon said that new heavy-duty rugs would run about $150. After brief discussion the board agreed she could proceed.


New Business:

Coffee Maker: Lonnie threw out the old coffer maker and we are currently using the back-up coffee maker that is used for Gopher State. Brad suggested checking into a coffee service as an option to purchasing a new machine. The service would provide and maintain the machine, as well as, deliver the coffee. Brad agreed to look into a coffee service versus buying a new machine. Brad will bring cost comparison of the 2 options to the November board meeting. For now we will use the back-up coffee maker.  




Board Communications

Martha had mentioned concern in an email about board communication on issues that come up between board meetings, and what might be the best option. Lonnie stated that he felt the email communication was working fine. Board members confirmed that they do receive emails but don’t respond if they don’t have anything additional to offer.


Answering Website Concerns

Michon was unable to connect with the squad leader of the Friday 8pm meeting about the 2 Saturday morning incidents with the downstairs bathroom. This communication still needs to happen. Either Michon or Lonnie will follow up. Lonnie also mentioned the lack of cleanliness of the bathroom in the past week.


There was discussion about communicating with the squad leaders about cleaning up after the meeting and doing a walk through to check out the house before locking up. Andre will publish a flyer for the squad leaders. Lonnie stated that it is not the Board’s responsibility to clean up when there is a complaint, but the board should communicate with the appropriate group or squad leader when an issue is brought up.


2015 - 2016 Budget

Mike started by reviewing the Profit and Loss statement from 10/1/14 – 10/10/15, which showed total income of $26,355.53 and total expenses of $22,704.05, yielding a net income of  $3,983.64.


Mike then reviewed the preliminary 2015-2016 budget with the disclaimer that the budget does not yet include the recently discussed items of pop machine, coffee service, duct and furnace cleaning. The preliminary budget shows a net loss of -5,921 due to anticipated expenses. The biggest expense numbers are under House Improvements with $5000 going toward the new floors. Mike will provide an updated proposed budget at the November board meeting, which will include an month-to-month breakdown of income and expenses.


Carpet Cleaner

Mark will pick up carpet cleaner to spot clean the new carpet.


Motion to Close:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Andre. Mark seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 6:59 p.m.


Yours in service,

Susan H, filling in for Martha D