Dakota Alano Annual General Membership Meetings

Dakota Alano Annual General Membership Meetings

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Dakota Alano Annual General Membership Meetings

September 21, 2014


Board Members Present: Martha, Michon, Mary Jo, Julie, Mike, Brad, Dan, Lonnie, Rusty


Board Members Absent: None


Advisory Board Members and Guests: Rob (Adv Bd), Hilary (guest), Jill (guest), Sheryl (guest) Charlie (guest), Mark (guest), Lee (guest)


Lonnie opened the meeting at 6:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer and an opening statement.  Introductions were made.  Lonnie read the 12 Traditions. 


Annual Secretary’s Report:

Martha read the minutes from the September 15th 2013 Annual General Membership meeting.  Mary Jo made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  Lonnie seconded the motion and the motion passed. 


Treasurer’s Report:

October 1st through September 30th is the Alano’s fiscal year and the annual Treasurer’s report will be presented at the October Board Meeting.  The proposed budget for next fiscal year will also be presented at this time. 


Election of Board Members:

Martha reviewed the election rules and stated that there are 4 terms up for election: one 1-year term and three 3-year terms.  After this we will have 9 Board members and next week at the September Board Meeting we will assign positions.


Review of Board Responsibilities:

Martha reviewed that according to our Bylaws, in order to be a Board Member you must have at least one year of continuous sobriety and involvement in an Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon program.  Board Members must be able to attend monthly Board Meetings and have the ability to tend to position responsibilities. 


The President is an elected office and conducts board and membership meetings, is the primary liaison to the church, oversees and negotiates contracts, and is an authorized signer on bank accounts.  Must have served on the Board for 1 year.


The Vice President is an elected office and fills in and assists the President when necessary, is responsible for inventory of literature and medallions, and is an authorized signer on bank accounts. Must have served on the Board for 1 year.


The Treasurer is responsible for paying all bills and invoices, reviews and reconciles group deposits, maintains accurate banking records, provides monthly financial reports, prepares and presents annual budget and year-end fiscal report, and oversees the annual pledge drive.  Must have served on the Board for 1 year.


The Secretary records and publishes minutes from all Board and Membership meetings, publishes rosters of current Board members, and keeps the DAS archives up to date. 


The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer in all financial responsibilities.


Facilities Maintenance is responsible for general house maintenance, ongoing repairs and replacements, monitors heating and air conditioning, and oversees house cleaning schedule.


House Security maintains inventory of keys and list of current key holders, distributes and collects keys as determined by the Board, periodically checks doors, windows, and locked cabinets for tampering.


Supplies checks inventory of supplies on a regular basis and purchases replacements on a timely basis.


Publications publishes monthly newsletter, prints meetings cards and donation envelopes, assists the President in posting notices and flyers, and is the primary liaison to the Webmaster for the DAS website.


Once new Board members are elected, they will be given a copy of the Operations Journal, giving them the chance to skim over more in depth descriptions of responsibilities and see where they might be a good fit.


Review Election Rules:

Candidates must be present.  They will introduce themselves and be given the chance to explain their desire to run.  Secret ballots will then be cast. The vacated position will be voted upon first and then the open Board member positions after.  Committee members will count votes in another room and bring results back to the group.


Nominations, ballot count, and results:

The Board members whose terms are ending are Dan, Michon, Julie and Brad. Resulting in 4 open positions: one 1-year term and 3 regular 3-year terms. The number of people nominated was the same as the number of positions available, so all four that were nominated were elected to the Board (Dan for the 1-year term, and Michon, Mark, and Lee for 3-year terms).


Review of procedure for September and October Board Meeting:

The September Board meeting will be held next week and will be the last meeting for the 2013-2014 Board.  All Board Members are expected to attend and report on their departments as usual.  We will go over regular business first and then assign new Board positions.  New Board Members should review the Ops Journal beforehand so they know what they might like to be assigned to. 


Outgoing Board Members are expected to help transition the new Board members into their positions. Advisory Board members will be voted on next week as well.  The new Board will run the October Board meeting.  At this meeting, the fiscal year Treasurer’s Report will be reviewed. The new budget proposal for the upcoming year will be announced as well.  Next month, contact information for the new Board will be collected.


Motion to Adjourn:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Lonnie and seconded by Martha.  The motion passed and the meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7pm.