October 2014 Board Meetings

October 2014 Board Meetings

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October 19, 2014



The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:01pm.  The Twelve Traditions were read by Martha.


Board Members Present:  Lonnie L, Mary Jo C, Dan W, Martha D, Lee G, Mike F, Rusty S


Board Members Absent: Michon P, Mark L


Guests: Julie O, Rob H, Page S


Secretary’s Report:     Martha mentioned that an additional correction needs to be made to the draft September 27 Board Meeting Minutes: under ‘Board Members Present’, Mike was mis-named as "Mark"; this will be changed.  Mary Jo made a motion to accept the September Board Meeting minutes with that correction.  Mike seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Lonnie suggested that next month the agenda be distributed a full week before the Board meets so that members can review and make suggestions.


Treasurer’s Report: Mike reviewed the September 2014 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.  Mike will be checking to see if the $114.97 entry next to "1070 CD's" is an entry that should be elsewhere.   Mary Jo made a motion to accept the financial statements as prepared.   Lee seconded the motion and the motion passed.  


Mike mentioned that for the next squad leaders' meeting, it would be good to mention that sometimes individual groups hold on to money for lengthy periods of time.  Lonnie asked how often should we suggest those contributions be submitted.  Mike suggested every two weeks.  Dan suggested alternately that we set a minimum amount.  Lonnie suggested that we stick with two weeks.  Mike suggested we put this in the newsletter. 


Visitor Questions and Concerns:



Squad Leader Reports:



Committee Reports:

Literature& Medallions (Mary Jo C):   Mary Jo reported that she has not had the opportunity to check inventory level but will do so.


Facilities Maintenance (Rusty S):  Rusty reported that he looked at the step that needs repair.


Publications& Public Relations (Dan W): Martha mentioned that Sue H will be bringing more meeting cards. Dan mentioned that the website was launched this week and looks great.


Supplies (Michon P):  No report


House Security (Lee G):  Lee commented that the key exchange at the Squad Leaders’ Meeting went well.


Archives (Martha D): Archives are up to date.


Old Business:

Operations Journal

Martha mentioned that Sue H will soon be emailing the proposed modifications to the Operations Journal.


House Cleaning

Lonnie mentioned that the Thursday night meeting recently did a good cleaning job.  He mentioned as well that he has received a couple calls of complaint.  He said that the cleaning issue was mentioned at the Squad Leaders' Meeting.  He also encouraged Board members to take ownership at meetings we attend to ensure things are cleaned up and also to remind trusted servants.  Dan mentioned that he was told that the coffee machine was left on all night the previous Friday night.  Mary Jo asked about carpet cleaning.  Martha suggested waiting until spring to clean carpet.  Lonnie suggested we table until Feb board meeting.  


New Business:

Quarterly Squad Leaders' Meeting

The Quarterly Squad Leaders’ Meeting was held tonight before the Board Meeting.  Lonnie mentioned that there was good attendance and good discussion.  He said one issue had been raised by an attending squad leader which should be discussed by the Board.  There are some situations happening at individual meetings which perhaps should be addressed via overall policy statements and/or addressed to the specific individuals involved. This includes supervision of children during meetings, as well as an individual who regularly causes disruption during the speaker meeting by walking through. 


Lonnie mentioned that we need to keep in mind first and foremost the newcomer.  He suggested coming up with a statement that can be delivered to all meetings.  This could address issues of childcare responsibility and minimizing distractions during meetings; similar to language many meetings use to address silencing cell phones.


“Offenders” might not realize that policy language refers to their behavior, but it does provide written guidelines that can be pointed to. 


Lonnie suggested that this be handled as a security issue and suggested that Lee draft a statement to be reviewed at the next Board meeting.  Lonnie also indicated he is comfortable talking directly to individuals of concern.





Last month the cans-only recycling bin was re-marked “mixed use”.  The person who had previously been taking the cans to scrap and keeping the money is no longer going to be involved.  The mixed use bin will be emptied into the mixed use receptacle outside.  Lonnie suggested that Rusty (Facilities) empty it 1-2x/week, as well as use bright color paint to indicate the bin is for recycling only.  Rob mentioned that in Rosemount they take the cans to scrap for money.  Lee offered to find out pricing of scrap.  Rob suggested we ask Michon how much pop we are going through.  Lonnie suggested we table the discussion; Rusty will report back on how much is accumulating.  


Ongoing bank account discrepancy

Mike reported that he and Julie talked about it this past week.  Julie said it is a difficult thing to assess exact amount of discrepancy due to the difference in the bank statement closing date and the calendar month end.  Mike said he will continue to monitor it and attempt to determine through financial forensic efforts where it is coming from and that we may at some point decide to do a one-time charge off.


CD Maturation

Mike said the CD in question matured in July and likely needs to be renewed.  Julie suggested talking to Wells Fargo and determining options.  Mike will do so and report back.


Cabinet Keys

Lonnie asked Lee to make a few extra keys for the cabinet, as not all Board members have one.


Rent to Church

Lonnie said that the church reports the Alano did not submit August rent, yet Alano rent check from that month cleared.  Mike will look into and report back.  Lonnie is meeting with church pastor and office manager in November to determine any concerns. 



Motion to Close:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Mary Jo.  Mike seconded the motion and the motion passed.  The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 6:45pm.


Yours in service,

Martha D