February 2020

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February 16, 2020



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 5:03 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Noah D.


Board members present: Jean D., Sarah C., Daren G., Noah D., Pat B., and Martha D.


Board members absent:  John F., Jerry H., Paul T.


Guests: Adam, Doug


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that after sending out via email the January Board Meeting minutes she did not receive any modifications or corrections.   Sarah made a motion to approve the January minutes.  Jean seconded the motion and the motion passed. 


Treasurer's Report:  Sarah C. reviewed the January 2020 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.  Jerry, Jean, and Sarah met in the past month to update who can access the Alano’s Wells Fargo accounts.  Jean said that the bank will need meeting minutes with all Board Members’ full names and Board positions so the bank can verify that Jean and Sarah are legitimate members.  Martha will provide this.  Jean has a form from the bank that all Board Members need to sign.

Martha made a motion to approve the January financial documents. Noah seconded the motion and the motion passed. 

Visitor Questions and Concerns:  Doug mentioned that the House phone is not working; no dial tone.  Daren said if Sarah will send him the Century Link bill with account number, he’ll call customer support.


Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions:  Daren said he is not aware of any literature needs at this time.  Pat mentioned the 6:30 Sunday meeting is not on the current Alano card or on the website. Martha will follow up with Hilary (manages website) and Susan.  Jean said the Saturday 6pm meeting is missing it’s medallion box. Daren suggested taking the medallion box which had oddly appeared in the 7am Wednesday cubby; likely the missing one.


Facilities Maintenance:  Pat changed the coffee maker filter.  Coffee maker is working ok now except water level low. Pat submitted to Sarah receipt for reimbursement for blinds purchase.


Publications & Public Relations:  John was not present. No newsletter has been prepared for several months now.  Jean mentioned that two things particularly helpful from the newsletter in the past was the cleaning schedule and notices of upcoming events.


Supplies: Paul not present. Vacuum bags continue to be on the supply list – for the 2nd vaccum.  Need to make another notification to trusted servants that the Dyson is locked upstairs.  Supply list has been untouched for a month.  Sarah can order online from Sam’s Club the items currently on the list except sidewalk salt and sweet & low. Martha will purchase and drop off sweet & low. Daren will pick up supplies if Paul unable.


House Security:  Noah reported there haven’t been any concerns brought to his attention. Noah mentioned the email sent to the Board suggesting a realtors’ type key box be put on the House because there are two trusted servants of one meeting. Board discussed and decided not to place lock box.  Jean mentioned that she is aware of some trusted servants who don’t have keys = Noah suggested they text him directly.


Old Business:

Water Heater:  Tabled from last month. Jerry had said he’d talk to the Church about the water heater since it has gone out several times.


Debit card/credit card: Jean reported on the information received from Wells Fargo regarding debit and credit cards that could be used by a Board member (specifically, the person who handles supplies).  Debit card will not work because it would need to have a specific person’s name along with the Dakota Alano, and that person would have access to Alano funds.

Regarding credit card, the credit limit would need to be a minimum of $500, it would not have ATM access to Alano accounts. Would be easy for transfer money between Alano accounts.  Automatic payment could be set up.  The card has to be designated in one person’s name (would be the person currently serving the supply role). Policy/protocol was discussed.  The following motion was made: When the supplies person is going to make a purchase, he/she would inform Treasurer ahead of time. After purchase, Treasurer would receive photo text or email of receipt. Hard copy receipt would be submitted to Treasurer at next scheduled Board Meeting. If there were a need to charge more than $500 (summer picnic, as an example), this would require getting a check from Treasurer or spreading credit charges over more than one calendar month.  Pat made a motion to adopt the above protocol and secure a new credit card from Wells Fargo.  Martha seconded the motion and the motion passed. Jean will follow up with the bank.


Thermostat and Parking Lot light: will wait to hear from Jerry what the Church said about both.


New Business:


Safety Committee: the Committee will be meeting February 29th.


Animals – Jean mentioned there was a dog here with service animal designation. Service animals are allowed by law to go anywhere. Even puppies in training have same rights.  Non service animals are not allowed. Jean suggested we put a sign up; she will look for a sign.


Motion to Close: 

Martha made a motion to close the meeting. Sarah seconded and the motion passed.


The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 6:09 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D