December 2019

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December 15, 2019 



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read.


Board members present: John F., Sarah C., Paul T., Daren G., Jerry H., Noah D., Jean D., Pat B.


Board members absent: Martha D.


Guests: Monty


Secretary's Report: 

Martha was not present. Paul made a motion to approve the minutes emailed out by Martha last week.  John seconded the motion and the motion passed.  


Treasurer's Report: 

Sarah distributed to the Board for review the November Meeting Donation Summary Report, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Wells Fargo banking statements. Sarah acknowledged that there were challenges making the Quickbooks report accurately portray income/outgo.  Jean and Sarah will meet with Jerry for further training in early January. Daren made a motion to the approve the November financials. Paul seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Visitor Questions & Concerns:

Monty reported that the coffee filters are too small for the coffee maker.  When this happened before, the coffee grounds went into the drain and had repair was necessary.  Coffee filters needs to come from Sam’s.


Committee Reports:

Literature and Medallions (Daren) – no items need to be replenished at this time.


Facility Maintenance (Pat) - Pat reported that he changed the furnace filter. Clarified who is responsible for hot water heater and furnace (house is responsible for changing filters, church is responsible for maintenance).  Pat will put signs on closet door in room #3 upstairs – door needs to remain open to pipes don’t freeze. Needs to learn how to work thermostat for house; will talk to former maintenance person Gary S.  Pat put new batteries in smoke detectors and new bulbs in fluorescent lights downstairs, and new cover on outlet where pop machine was located.  It was noted that there are 2 missing lights in the parking lot, which is church responsibility.

Jean asked about looking into getting sonar pest removers instead of kill traps.  She will send Paul information.  Jean noted that the cleaning chart is MIA and that the house has not been cleaned since October when the men cleaned.  Pat will put up a new sign. 


Publications & Public Relations  (John)  -- John will be taking over producing the newsletter from Advisory Board member Susan H.  There had been another Board member who had agreed to take it over from Susan H., but this person never made contact or started that process.


Supplies  (Paul) – Discussion ensued about whether Treasurer can provide a blank check so Paul can get supplies and fill in when total is known.  Sarah reported that as Treasurer, she is not comfortable giving a blank check in advance to anyone.  Too many things can happen along the way.  Discussed getting a pre-paid debit card with an agreed amount.  Discussed getting a credit/debit card from Wells Fargo.  Discussed ordering from Sam's Online and then points can go on Credit Card.  Daren understands that it may be a challenge for someone to pay out of their own account.  Sarah, offered to pay for Sam's order with her card.  Paul would place the order and pick up the order.  Jean to check on cost of adding a credit card to Wells Fargo account and then to determine who is on account.  Need to make sure when supplies are ordered it is not only supplies that people put on the white board but that supply person checks everything. Table decision on debit card/ or pre-paid card until January board meeting. 


House Security (Noah):

Screws on door can't be changed. Note to clear upstairs and downstairs of house after meeting (trusted servants to ensure house is empty).  Regarding lights out in parking lot, Pat and Jerry will check with Church.

Safety Committee Report:

Regarding Alano Member who continues to be disruptive and others Members have safety concerns.

Noah has a list of incidents regarding this Member from the Safety Committee. 

Daren acknowledged that the Member’s mannerisms can understandably make people feel uncomfortable.

Noah reported that newcomer women are crying because of the Member’s behaviors of approaching car windows, not respecting personal space.

Discussion about mission of AA; we aren't here to help with mental issues, nor do we have license or training to handle.  It was mentioned that when he shares in meetings, he doesn’t stay on topic and has mentioned that everyone has to die.

Discussed having the men on the Safety Committee along with Board Liaison Noah go to Member’s group home to brainstorm solutions; such as staff escorting to AA.  


The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,


Jean D.