June 7 Emergency Board Meeting

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June 7, 2020



Board members and Attendees present: Jean D., Sarah C., Daren G., Noah D., Pat B., Martha D, Susan H., and Jerry H.


Board members absent:  John F., Paul T.


Purpose of Meeting- Discuss COVID-10 maters and preparation of White House for reopening.


Meeting opened at 6:00 PM.


Items Discussed:


  • House systems preparations – prior to opening for members on-site, we need to turn water and air conditioning back on and flush systems several time to clear out any particles or germs in place. Pat will coordinate the inside work and Jerry to contact church for help in teaching Pat how to program the thermostat controls.
  • Outdoor meetings – as a group, we believe we can now allow these and open the House for rest room use for meeting attendees, but not inside meetings. These can occur once we have adequate supplies, House is deep cleaned, a Preparedness Plan and communications completed with all Trusted Servants on expectations. Making coffee is discouraged due to COVID conditions.
  • Cleaning service – Jean reminded us of need to deep clean the house and all surfaces prior to on-site meetings. Ongoing forward, too? 2 times per month? Jerry to contact firms for bids. Consider pest control service as part of reopening.
  • Preparedness Plan – as part of State Guidelines to follow, we will need to have a formal Plan available in case authorities inquire. Liability issues if we do not have a plan. Jerry offered to create the initial draft for Board review. Susan read off the State of MN guideline language to help us calculate our capacity limitations under the “Church” section of the guidelines which seem most appropriate for our AA House. At current 50% capacity limits, the formula provided caps our meeting capacity at 7.5 at any meeting. Masks will be encouraged for all meeting attendees, but not required. We understand members will only attend meetings if comfortable to do so.
  • PPE Supplies – we will need to ensure we know our inventory of available sanitization supplies and products, have a good source for ordering sufficient product going forward and know what our needs are. Pat will assess what product we currently have on hand and in the pipeline and others will assist in creating the list for distribution. We have toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but are short on disinfectant wipes, though Jerry has a source to check.
  • Meeting Trusted Servants – Noah has a list of current Trusted Servants and has been contacting them to confirm current leaders, names and contact info. We will need a list of items to address with all Trusted Servants that Noah will create that includes,… discussion of Preparedness Plan, cleaning duties of Trusted Servants before and after their meetings, commitments of TSs to serve going forward once meeting occur again, capacity limits and enforcement, will groups still meet on-line if meetings at house. Also, we need to know and address what questions and concerns TSs have for Board action. Board can recommend, but not set rules for our meeting groups per House bylaws.
  • Communications – as Board approves items going forward, these items will need to be posted on our website and communicated to our Trusted Servants. Martha will contact John to relay messages to Hillary for web posting. A list of live meetings as well as Zoom-type meetings should be posted once we have confirmation from Trusted Service as to their own meeting plans. Communications should include our reopening plans for dates as well as actions taken to prepare for reopening. “What should members expect to see at a meeting” Some relevant items should also be posted on the entry door of the House.
  • Financials – Church has waived our May and June rental due. Noah reports some meetings are collecting donations that will be available when normalcy returns.



Motion to Close – made, seconded and approved.


The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Jerry H.