March 2020

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March 15, 2020



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 5:00 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Jean D.


Board members present: Jean D., Sarah C., Daren G., Noah D., Pat B., John F., Jerry H. Paul T., and Martha D.


Board members absent:  none


Guests: Adam, Doug, Janice, Tyler, Mark, Connie, Susan, Steve


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that after sending out via email the February Board Meeting minutes, she did not receive any modifications or corrections.  Noah asked if documents can be sent in pdf form. John made a motion to approve the February minutes.  Paul seconded the motion and the motion passed. 


Treasurer's Report:  Jean reviewed the February 2020 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.  Noah made a motion to approve the February financial documents. Daren seconded the motion and the motion passed. 

Visitor Questions and Concerns:  Steve asked what the plans are for the Alano regarding coronavirus concerns. At this point in time, the Alano will remain open. Further discussion below.



Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions:  Daren reported that he is not aware of any needs.  John asked if we can get soft cover Big Books. Doug mentioned he believes there are additional books in the locked drawers under the literature cabinet. Noah will see if he has a key. Daren will replenish as needed.


Facilities Maintenance:  Pat mentioned he had fixed the clock. Tyler mentioned he saw a mouse in the bathroom. Jean said there are two sonar rodent deterrent devices in the House currently; unsure of range. Daren suggested that Pat purchase additional electric deterrent devices. Jean mentioned there is still food being left behind. Pat and John both suggested we post additional notices reminding people not to leave food. John will make & post notices.  Noah mentioned that upper bathroom sink aerator is plugged. Pat will look into it.  Tyler noted that there are a lot of cigarette butts on the grounds.


Publications & Public Relations:  John brought March newsletters with him today. 


Supplies: Paul inquired if Wells Fargo card has been received yet.  Noah mentioned there is 1 regular coffee left.  Daren offered to purchase coffee.


House Security:   Noah mentioned there have been no safety concerns. He noted he is not aware of anyone not having keys who should have them.


Old Business:


House phone: Daren reported he had worked with CenturyLink via automated customer service system to fix phone.  Noted that this is 3rd time in past year that it has needed repair; if it happens again, may want to address differently with CenturyLink.


Church maintenance items: Jerry has been in contact with Nadyne.  Regarding the water heater pilot light not staying lit, Church maintenance will look at it and, if it needs to be replaced, will replace at Church’s cost.  Re: thermostat, Jerry will again ask for Church follow up. John will ask Dan K this coming week for thermostat code.

Re: parking lot lighting, Jerry noted it appeared personnel have been here. Dakota Electric was called by Nadyne.  Also of note, the Church has announced it is closing for next two weeks, so no church staff will be available.


Credit card: Jean will submit the signature page now that all Board members have signed. Jerry will complete necessary process to have Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer names added on credit card.  Sarah reminded Paul that he can order online.  Paul expressed hesitancy to do so.


Service animals only sign:  Jean posted “no pets allowed”.


Newsletter, envelopes, meeting cards: John completed newsletter. Susan will order envelopes.  Jean noted that some cards have incomplete meeting information. Susan ordered most recently from InstaPrint; will check supply and order, if necessary.



New Business:


Safety Committee: Janice mentioned the Committee has not had meetings recently due to not having agenda items. Janice asked if we could have an additional female Board member on the Committee, so there’d be one male from the Board, and one female from the Board.  Martha mentioned concern about having two Board members, as the original intent was the Board member who is in charge of house safety would serve as the liaison.  Janice expressed concern that the Board tends to take over the largest issues anyway, so maybe not really a need to have a committee ongoing. Noah mentioned that there are issues that come up that are complicated. Janice said she will maintain status quo.


Gopher State Roundup: Jerry received the reservation confirmation for the hospitality room; approximately $850/month.  Jean reached out to member Brad who has in the past served the hospitality suite coordination role.  He has $297 left over from last year in proceeds which he will submit to the Board. John will mention to the Thursday night men’s meeting that help is needed. Susan mentioned that it is written in our Bylaws that the Dakota Alano will have a hospitality suite. The only way to modify that is to modify the Bylaws at the September General Membership Meeting.  Janice reminded that we do not have to have elaborate spread. Susan mentioned that in the past, different groups would sign up for time slots and could take ownership for food during that time.  Daren reiterated that we should actively solicit someone to own it; avoid last minute snafus and lack of coordination. Susan mentioned that due to COVID-19, the Roundup can be canceled as a whole as late as mid-May. Pat suggested we go ahead and book the room now so we don’t lose the opportunity. Jerry will reach out to the coordinator of the Gopher State Hospitality Suites committee that we’re working out details on our end.


COVID-19: John has gathered information. AA does not get involved with outside issues (a public health issue being an outside issue). Martha mentioned the 2218 Club protocol of continuing to stay open but thorough disinfecting between meetings.  John mentioned that Peace Church, another meeting location, has been shut down since that church is temporarily closed. They are doing meetings online. John suggested that each group independently hold group conscience and decide. Pat asked if we should put a flyer or sign encouraging individual groups to help keep place sanitary. Janice suggested that the flyer also say the Alano is open/groups decide. John will make a flyer to be read at every meeting. Martha will ask Hilary to add something to the website.


Operations Journal modification re credit card purchases: Martha suggested that the Operations Journal be modified to reflect the protocol for when the Board member in the Supplies role makes credit card purchases. Will bring sample language next month.


Motion to Close: 

Martha made a motion to close the meeting. Daren seconded and the motion passed.


The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 6:16 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D