June 2019

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JUNE 16, 2019 


The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:06 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Dalles J.


Board members present: John S., Martha D., Dalles J., Sarah C., Paul T., Daren G.


Board members absent: Andrea M., Brad A., Jerry H.


Guests: Adam


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that she had received one correction to the May minutes distributed and made the correction. Paul made a motion to approve the minutes as revised. Daren seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Martha will post the May minutes on the Alano bulletin board, as well as submit to the website administrator. 


Treasurer's Report:  Jerry H was not present, but had emailed to the Board for review the May 2019 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Wells Fargo banking statements.  Will table approval until next month.


Visitor Questions and Concerns:  none



Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions (Andrea M):  Andrea M. was not present. John will follow up with her about replenishing Big Books. Paul suggested a price list be posted. John said he had made a list before, will see if he still has the list.


Facilities Maintenance (Dalles J):  Dalles said he is going to begin painting the interior of the House next Friday through Sunday.


Publications & Public Relations (Paul):  Paul exchanged messages with someone about Ride for Recovery; but was not able to connect with anyone.  Will have to decline participating this year. 


Supplies (Daren G):  Daren purchased carafes. Noted that just a few days later one was missing. Supplies are in good order. Closer to picnic, will inventory existing supplies and order what's needed


House Security (Brad A.):  Brad was not present.


Old Business:


Pop Machine:  Several ideas were thrown out for consideration.

Daren mentioned an alternative to a pop machine would be a refrigerator with a lock (where the trusted servant has key and can sell pop). John said one reason for continued disrepair is we have never bought a new machine; perhaps buying new one would be better investment, after all.  Martha suggested another alternative is we don't have pop supply at all.  Dalles has means to get rid of current one; needs to move it anyway for painting. Whether or not to continue to have a pop machine will be put on agenda for July. Any Alano members who wants to come to the July Board meeting can weigh in on discussion.  Dalles will look at what a new machine costs, with/without service contract.  Paul said we need to check bylaws on if a pop service personnel can have key. 


Safety Deposit Box:  Tabled until next month.


Gopher State: Brad not here; tabled until next month.


Replenish Big Books:  Andrea is aware they are needed.  John will follow up. Paul suggested a price list be posted. John said he had made a list before, will see if he still has the list.


Key Holders' list - Brad not here; tabled until next month.


Summer Picnic Planning:  Daren will print off updated signs and post next week.   Picnic is July 13th, 5-10pm.  Sarah suggests we get 3 additional coolers in addition to the ones already in House possession. Several Board members will be there early; will meet City personnel who will unlock wood - we're responsible for the lock.


New Business:


House phone:  Daren did buy a telephone, but it appears to have been the line that is in bad repair. Sarah said this came up in the past; her recollection is that it was internal to the house, rather than something the utility company can fix. Martha will look in old notes.  Daren asked if we are required to have a phone; perhaps we should not have a phone. John will look into whether website/internet is bundled with phone expense. 


Board Meeting time: The 6:30 meeting has requested that we change our Board Meeting time. Original discussion was that meeting would have to flex around our time, but they have gotten bigger and would like to have the main room.  Tabled until next month.


Committee for Events/Special Opportunities: Dalles mentioned he’d like to discuss adding such a committee to the Board and possibly add another board member.  Would need to change the bylaws, etc.  Will table until next month for discussion when full Board is present.


Motion to Close: 

A motion to close the meeting was made by John. Sarah seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 6:32 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D