April 2019

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APRIL 21, 2019 



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:07 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Paul T.


Board members present: John S., Martha D., Dalles J., Daren G., Sarah C., Paul T., Jerry H, Brad A.


Board members absent: Andrea M.


Guests: Brad C


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that she had received one correction to the March minutes distributed (the time of the Wednesday meeting which was missing from the February Meeting Donation list).  Jerry made a motion to approve the minutes as revised. Daren seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Martha will post the March minutes on the Alano bulletin board, as well as submit to the website administrator. 


Treasurer's Report:  Jerry H mentioned the email he sent to the Board last week which provided reason for March revenue being slightly down due to later than usual deposit made (made on April 1st). He reviewed the March 2019 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet. He noted the continued issue of the Meeting Donation Summary is not listing a meeting if that particular meeting did not have a donation in both the current report month, as well as no donation the same month in the prior year. John suggested talking to Phil T., prior Treasurer, who may know how to correct this reporting omission.  


Jerry noted that there is an expense item for safety deposit box at bank; he is uncertain what, if anything, is in that box. Will check and see if box key was given to him along with other Treasurer supplies. It was noted that it is also necessary to approve the February 2019 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet, which was tabled last month.  Dalles made a motion to approve the financial documents.  Paul seconded the motion and the motion passed. 


Visitor Questions and Concerns:  none


Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions (Andrea M):  Andrea M. was not present, but Brad noted that the Alano is out of Big Books except for one Spanish edition; he has let Andrea M. know. 


Facilities Maintenance (Dalles J):  Dalles said the painting has not been done yet, will be done soon. He said a new pop machine still has not been procured. Discussion ensued about whether to remove the existing one in the interim.  Concern expressed by Paul about the many months of missed revenue. John suggested we put a sign on the current machine indicating that the Board is currently looking, explaining what is going on.  Brad will make a sign.  


Dalles said he asked Dan about when the thermostat should be reprogrammed for the warmer months; Dan said generally around the time of Easter. Dalles and Dan will get together to review how to do it properly.


Publications & Public Relations (Paul):  Paul indicated nothing new to report.


Supplies (Daren G):  Daren said he will make a supply list of items the Board regularly restocks.  Dalles mentioned he has heard that the coffee carafes leak; Daren indicated he can purchase more.  


House Security (Brad A.):  Brad indicated he does have a list of key holders. He needs to make a couple of additions and will print and post it.



Old Business:

Key List: See above.


House Painting: Dalles reported that painting will be done soon.  


Gopher State: Brad C. reported that he is starting to visit meetings to promote the Roundup; no concerns at this time. Paul T. mentioned that his meeting is starting to pass a second basket.


May Monthly Cleaning:  May 19th is the Board's responsibility; will meet one hour before next Board Meeting. Cleaning will be done by Board, rather than attempts to recruit others. Jerry made a motion that the Board approve cleaning the House at 5pm.  John seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Updated Cleaning List:  Susan H. had emailed the Board last week with an attachment of the Updated Cleaning List.  Wanted to verify that there are still Monday and Friday 8pm meetings. It was confirmed that yes, there are.  The Board members were in agreement that new cleaning schedule is good. Susan will print and distribute to squad leaders' cubbies, as well as post on bulletin board.


Summer Picnic - 5-10pm July 13th.


New Business:

Class Action Settlement Notice from Wells Fargo Visa re: autopay. The Alano has the choice of accepting any settlements proceeds or declining. John made a motion to sign on as a settlement entity.  Daren seconded and the motion passed.


Motion to Close: 

A motion to close the meeting was made by John. Martha seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 6:42 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D