November 2018

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NOVEMBER 18, 2018



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:07 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Dalles J.


Board members present: John S., Andrea M., Jerry H., Martha D., Dalles J., Daren G., Brad J.


Board members absent:  Sarah C.


Guests: Dan K


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that she had received no corrections to the October minutes distributed. Jerry made a motion to approve the minutes.  Andrea seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Martha will post the October minutes on the Alano bulletin board, as well as submit to the website administrator, which has been done in the past and she would like to resume. 


Treasurer's Report:  Jerry reviewed the October 2018 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.   Dalles made a motion to accept the October financial statements.  Andrea seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Jerry noted that there has been no treasurer submittal for the Friday 4pm meeting that started 4 months ago.  Andrea said she did write and submit a check for that meeting; Jerry will check again. Jerry reported there was an acknowledgment in the treasurer's mailbox from the Pink Can Plan thanking the Alano for $70 donation.



Visitor Questions and Concerns:



Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions (Andrea M):  Andrea said there was nothing new to report.


Facilities Maintenance (Dalles J):  Dalles reported that he received no texts this month regarding house heating or other matters.


Publications & Public Relations (Paul):  Paul reported he is learning about this committee area and will become more involved.  Dalles noted that his name was misspelled on the current laminated door sign; Paul will replace.  Jerry said he believes that December 14th is the Dakota Alano Society's 40th anniversary; John will talk to Susan about posting this in the newsletter.


Supplies (Daren G):  Daren said he had nothing new to report.  Dan noted that paper towel needs to be purchased for dispenser, also coffee cups. Daren will purchase.  Jerry said he will pay the Sam's Club annual renewal dues ($40).  Dan asked that when Daren transfers Sam's Club membership to his name, have any old card holders' names taken off account. John noted that online orders don't need the physical card. Brad suggested that trusted servants check before leaving that supplies are sufficient for following meeting. Dan said a whiteboard in the kitchen could be a communication tool from membership to Board.


House Security (Brad J): Brad reported that all trusted servants have keys.  Only Board member without keys is Martha.


Old Business:

Trusted Servant Meeting:  Brad said the meeting held tonight went well.  Discussed keys, coverage (when can't attend meeting), cleanup after meetings, encouragement of service commitments of group members (such as checking supplies, making coffee), timeliness of meetings, trusted servant not leaving meeting early and having others lock up, trusted servant meetings will be held quarterly.  John will ask Susan to again put in the newsletter allocation of group funds info. Brad said that member John will create pdf file listing trusted servants, as well as members willing to be alternates.  John mentioned that there is a trusted servant area on the website; this could also be place for such listing.  


Eagle Scout project: This service project will not be at the Dakota Alano; project members are painting at another church property instead.


Smoker's Anonymous Meeting - the member who requested this has found an alternate location; no longer requesting Board approval.


Collection of keys from previous Board members:  Gopher State Roundup coordinator is only non-Board member who currently has a key.


Pop machine repair:  Dan reported that member Mark met with repair personnel last week and damaged parts were ordered. Dan said that for machine to operate effectively, needs to stay loaded with pop at least half-full.


Board Members' attendance: John requested that any Board member unable to attend a meeting let the rest of the Board know via email so that if we aren't going to have quorum, meeting can be re-scheduled. 


Wells Fargo credit card: Jerry said he has not seen any odd charges on bank statement.  He uses his driver’s license when he makes deposits. John suggested old card(s) get canceled.


New Business:

Bulletin Board postings: Member had asked via email if a QuitPlan/smoking cessation support flyer could be posted on Alano bulletin board. Martha will let her know that Board has denied this request due to AA traditions, since AA is not allied with any outside enterprises.


Wells Fargo documentation:  Jerry mentioned that still need to change names of check signers on checking account. Wells Fargo has evidently gotten more strict on their rules and now needs documentation of who new approved signers are in the following format:  A copy of Board Meeting minutes from DAS indicating Board Members' full names, full name and address of the Dakota Alano Society Inc, verification of who the new check signers are, and signatures of all Board Members.  Jerry took the initiative of composing such a document using the September Board meeting minutes and will obtain signatures and submit to bank.


New Year's Eve party:  John noted that traditionally the Board hosts the party with group support. He will be at party to ensure presence of at least one Board member.  He will confirm approval of event with the church and will notify the Monday night meeting. 


Painting donation:  The wife of DAS member Dan C donated a painting of the House. The Board approved hanging the painting in the main meeting room.  John will send thank you note.


Interior House painting: Dalles asked if we can move forward with painting project (despite Eagle Scout bowing out).  He has six volunteers.  Discussion ensued about quantity of paint needed, feasibility of painting entire interior, supplies on hand, supplies needed.  Jerry made a motion we approve up to $250 for paint.  John seconded the motion and the motion passed.  John will let the Church know when painting will be since it will be off-hours.


Water softener: Dalles mentioned that because there's no water softener, there will be ongoing need to replace coffee filters, etc.  John suggested tabling this discussion until the December Board meeting.  Daren will come next month prepared with proposals.


Motion to Close:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Jerry. Dalles seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 7:05 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D