October 2018

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OCTOBER 21, 2018



The Board Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:01 pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Mark .


Board members present: John S., Andrea M., Jerry H., Sarah C., Martha D., Dalles J., Daren G., Brad A.


Board members absent:  Paul


Guests: Connie, Mark, Phil, Susan


Secretary's Report:  Martha reported that she had received no corrections to the September minutes distributed. Jerry made a motion to approve the minutes.  Andrea seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Treasurer's Report:  Jerry reviewed the September 2018 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet. Dalles made a motion to accept the September financial statements.  Brad seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Jerry then presented the Budget Overview: Budget 2017/2018 - FY18 P&L (Oct 2017-September2018), Profit & Loss by Month (Oct 2017-Sept 2018), and Budget Overview: (2018/2019-FY19 and projected P&L (Oct 2018-Sept 2019).  Andrea made a motion to accept the financial statements as presented.  Brad seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Visitor Questions and Concerns:

Connie reported she is trusted servant at two Alano meetings. She inquired if there is guidance on how individual meetings should allocate donations. Susan mentioned there is a Squad Leaders Guide which provides guidance.  She will put this information in all meeting cubbies, as well as in the newsletter.  Jerry mentioned the meeting itself can make its allocation decisions; common for groups to give 75% to the Alano and 25% to national and local AA entities. Phil mentioned that in his previous survey of meetings; he found that about 1/4 of the meetings do such a breakdown, while 3/4 give their entire allocation to the Alano.


Committee Reports:


Literature & Medallions (Andrea M):  Andrea reported that she will be going to Intergroup to replenish; asked how payment is made. John advised that Intergroup can be asked to provide invoice to Dakota Alano Society (DAS).


Facilities Maintenance (Dalles J):  Dalles reported that he'd received texts about furnace. Met with Dan; reviewed thermostat schedule; emphasized that members should not alter the settings.  


Publications & Public Relations (Paul):  Paul not present.  Susan reported that she will add the group financial allocation guidelines in the November newsletter and asked for additional content ideas. Brad asked if we can get list for back door of contact names/numbers.  John will send template to Susan and she will print new contact list. John, Dalles, and Brad will be the names; remove Paul.  Susan also said new meeting cards were delivered to the House. John will take some to Nadyne at the church.


Supplies (Daren G):  Daren reports he now has key; said that he has not yet met with Paul to transfer Sam's Club account.  He will follow up with Paul on this.  Daren asked if Diet Coke slot on machine is working (no). Daren will inventory supply closet and establish a plan for consistent supply purchasing. John mentioned current coffee filters are wrong size; Daren will purchase correct size.  Dalles suggested that the pre-filter needs to be replaced every two months; he will change it out in November. Suggests doing every 2-3 months. Jerry asked how Sam's Club account actually works since Paul's attendance is intermittent.  Sarah said she created an online account; will look into what the password is. Andrea asked if we've received an annual renewal.  Sarah said it's easy to order online.  Martha asked if the DAS is tax-exempt; Daren will check with Sam's Club - has the card itself but not sure if he's an authorized user. Mark said he thinks the House has a Wells Fargo credit card also; not just the Sam's Club membership card.  Daren will report out at next meeting.


House Security (Brad A): Brad reported that he will make additional keys for supply cabinet padlock. Members identified that Michon, Brad C, Andre B still have keys. Brad suggested that at trusted servant meeting, he can get better handle on who has keys. Dalles suggested that at trusted servant meeting would be good time to review group donation allocation.


Old Business:

Keys to new board members - yes, Daren and Dalles did receive keys.


Pop machine - Mark reported that he did not get ahold of original seller of pop machine. Tried to find a repair resource in other ways; will try new ideas.


Trusted servant meeting - Brad will work on content for this meeting, which will occur the hour before the November Board meeting.


Back door sign - already discussed above.


New Business:

Answering website emails - designated person to answer is the public relations committee member, but members agreed that whoever can first respond to it, go ahead and cc entire board. 


Eagle Scout project – Nadyne (Calvary Church staff) said a church member is looking for a project; such as painting. He needs his volunteer hours to be complete by mid-January.  Dalles said he and some others were thinking the project could entail painting the interior of the House (“paint the trim white and then gray walls throughout the house”). Mark asked about the Scout project - that typically a prospective Eagle Scout would 'lead' a project, not just volunteer. John will follow up on scope of project; will email Nadyne.  Daren opined it's a good way to stay in good graces with the church. Mark said likely there'd be additional scout members also needing volunteer hours under his leadership.


Smokers Anonymous meeting – Martha reviewed the email from Ann-Marie, who proposed the House start a meeting. She was sent the page from the Operations Journal about how to propose/start new meetings at the House. Ann-Marie was not able to attend tonight’s meeting and had hoped Brad could answer any questions and provide necessary information. Brad said he did not feel equipped to do so.  Susan suggested we consider whether it fits the purpose of DAS; fits bylaws etc. Jerry expressed concern that it opens to mutitude of other 12 step groups and that we would need to know if the church is in support. Susan/Brad commented on lease requirements that restrict hours of operation. Tabled until next meeting.  Martha will find out if Ann-Marie can attend November meeting.  


Board membership - Sarah asked what happens if a board member isn't attending or responding to Board correspondence. Mark said the Bylaws state that if a member misses two meetings in a row, the Board could vote to have him replaced. John will follow up with the member who is missing to find out his intent.


Motion to Close:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Jerry. Dalles seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 6:53 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Martha D