July 2016

July 2016

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The meeting opened at 6:01 pm. Introductions were made.  Dan read the 12 Traditions.

Board Members present: Martha, Dan, Mark, Phil, Lee, Lonnie

Absent: Mike, Michon, Rusty, Andre

Guests: Susan (Advisory Board)

Secretary's Report:  Dan made a motion to accept the June Board Meeting minutes.  Lee seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Phil reviewed the June 2016 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.    Lee made a motion to accept the June financial documents.  Dan seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Visitor questions and concerns: None

Literature & Medallions:  Lee reported that literature and medallions are well stocked.

Facility Maintenance: Dan reported that the Church maintenance person replaced several boards on the back steps. Dan reported that the basement thermostat was broken by someone unknown. He checked at Home Depot and realized that it is not a cheap or quick fix. So for the remainder of the summer, the basement is cool enough. Before winter, however, the thermostat will need to be replaced so that pipes won't freeze (in addition to making the basement comfortable for small groups).  Lonnie will tell Church maintenance and coordinate who/how this will be fixed. Phil suggested that one option is the Church fixes and we reimburse.  Lonnie mentioned that we need to get a replacement recycling bin, as the wheel(s) are busted.  Dan will call the garbage vendor and request. Phil will provide Dan with the account number.

Publications & Public Relations:  Lonnie said that Andre let him know that the July newsletter is out. 

Supplies: Mark reported he got the Swiffer. Cannot find a larger drying rack.  At this time, no changes will be made. Supplies in general are well stocked.

House Security:  No report.

Archives:  Martha mentioned that she has on hand the next two years' Blackhawk Park pavilion rental confirmations.  



Gopher State: Phil provided a separate Gopher State Financial Statement.

Summer Picnic:  Well attended, organized, weather held out.  Lonnie suggested that we should make an inventory.  Phil will follow up with Pat (who picked up supplies) for receipts.


Church Meeting: Lonnie met with Church on June 28th. Maintenance is in process of replacing hand railing, boards, staining, sanding off loose paint. Church noted appreciation that there have been no issues (no break-ins) at the House; quiet/problem free.  Lonnie did walk through with maintenance. Church approved Board moving forward with attic fan re-do.  Church is going to tear down and remove garage.




CD Options: Phil said that he had noticed how much we have in assets; wondered if those original donors are still around, or if we should do something with some of the extra money.  Mike explained why the money was accumulated in the past (from pledge drive held in case Alano had to relocate).  Susan noted that Whitey was person who pushed the pledge drive and commented that many of those people are no longer alive. She said it comes up every year and was developed with singleness of purpose, which has led to reticence to change it. Susan said that since we are not earning money off of it, it retains the not-for-profit purpose.  Lonnie suggested keeping it on the agenda moving in to 2017. Also noted that the relationship with the Church is solid; they are willing to sign multi-year leases with us. Susan suggested that if we do address it, might want to announce before the annual membership meeting that we will be discussing this reserve and attempt to identify any original donors.


Email on website from Krista G suggesting we include educational information on the website: Martha noted we should be purposeful about what we include on the website; suggested it be only conference-approved or Alano-specific.  Lonnie will let Krista know.


Annual Membership Meeting Sept 18 - will have 3 open spots for 3-year each.  Need to post two weeks in advance a notice of the annual membership meeting along with the general agenda. 


Dan made a motion to close the meeting at 6:41.   Lee seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting ended with the Lord's Prayer at 6:43.



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