June 2016

June 2016

i Sunday August 7, 2016 by Web Admin


The meeting opened at 6:01 pm.  Introductions were made.  Andre read the 12 Traditions.

Board Members present: Dan, Mark, Phil, Mike, Lee, Michon, Lonnie, Andre

Absent: Martha

Guests: Two visitors who were looking for a regular AA meeting.

Secretary's Report:  Lee made a motion to accept the May minutes.  Andre seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Treasurer's Report:  Phil reviewed the May 2016 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.  Dan made a motion to accept the May financial documents.  Michon seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Visitor questions and concerns: None

Literature & Medallions:  Lee reported that literature and medallions are well stocked.

Facility Maintenance:  Dan talked about temperature control.  Multiple occurances of meeting attendees turning on and off.  Dan to address with signage and will continue to monitor.  If this continues to occur, a lock box may need to be put on.  Lonnie will address potential addition of a metal railing for the front steps; will be meeting with the Church on Tuesday, June 28th to address this and any other concerns.  Lonnie will report back to the Board at the July meeting.

Publications & Public Relations:  Andre reported that the June newsletter is out.  Also, House/Meeting information cards are now in the Supplies Closet.

Supplies:  Mark reported he will continue to look for a larger dish drying rack along with purchasing a new Swiffer/Wetjet, mop, and broom.

House Security:  Michon reported that there were no major issues.  Only a handful of calls to open up the house for tardy meeting leaders.

Archives: No report.



Gopher State:  Brad reported to the Board end financials for Gopher State.  Costs for all items were $791.51.  $306.75 had been collected to date from donations.  Mike, Phil and Brad will work to reconcile differences and present final totals at the July meeting.  Other notes of interest:  Opening the suite with food early caused a rush of people in the suite.  Suggestion is to not open early next year.  Also, future suite hosts will want to halt serving food during the large meeting times at the hotel to drive in person attendance.  The Board thanked Brad for his continued service work in driving Gopher State to become a huge success.

Summer Picnic: Lonnie reported notes from the Committee meeting today at 5:15.  All tasks have been outlined and Committee Chairs filled.  More detailed tasks and responsibilities are outlined in the Meeting Notes from the Picnic Planning Meeting.


.Mark made a motion to close the meeting at 6:31.  Lee seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting ended with the Lord's Prayer.


Lonnie L.