April 2015 Minutes

April 2015 Minutes

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April 19, 2015


The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer at 6:00pm.  Introductions were made and the Twelve Traditions were read by Rob M.


Board members present: Lonnie L, Martha D, Lee G, Mike F, Rusty S, Mary Jo C, Michon P


Board members absent: Dan W, Mark L


Guests: Rob M, Gary S, Mike R, Susan H, Doug, Jill, Brad C


Secretary's Report:  Mary Jo made motion to accept the March 2015 Board Meeting minutes.  Mike seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Treasurer's Report:  Mike reviewed the March 2015 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.  Rusty made a motion to accept the March financial statements.  Mary Jo seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Visitor Questions and Concerns:  none


Squad Leader Reports:

The quarterly squad leaders' meeting was held tonight at 5:15pm.  Lee facilitated the meeting and reported how it went. 4 squad leaders came.  Discussion included reminding leaders about the website, the cleaning schedule, closing windows/doors.  Told that a 2nd basket at each meeting can be passed for funds to help pay Gopher State Hospitality Room costs. One group asked about the House getting wifi internet access and if the Alano could be made wheelchair accessible.


Low attendance could be due to squad leaders not checking their group mailboxes.  Martha will put reminders in group cabinets reminding that each group has a mail cubby.


Committee Reports:


Literature & medallions (Mary Jo); Mary Jo reported that medallions are up to date.  She will also purchase (and obtain free) brochures from Intergroup to fill up literature rack. Michon suggested we get things that are meaningful for newcomers.


Facilities and Maintenance (Rusty):  Rusty replaced storm door after it was broken off.  Lonnie mentioned toilet is not working properly. Gary said recycling bin has broken wheel. Michon asked if we could get a bigger bin.   Mike will call waste management company and ask for replacement of bin and inquire about cost difference between bin sizes.  Also, Michon will get bigger trash baskets for kitchen and upstairs bathroom.


Publicity and Public Relations (Dan): no report.


Supplies (Michon): Supplies are good.


House Security (Lee): As noted above, Rusty replaced storm door due to one of the meetings not being able to get in due to malfunctioning latch.


Archives (Martha): no report.


Old Business:

Squad Leaders News Tab on website: Dan and Susan will be providing content updates to webmaster Hilary S.


Discussion with church:  Lonnie met with church officials twice since last Board meeting. 

The church is open to fairly sharing in the costs of some repairs/costs.  Lonnie provided information to the church about how many people are coming through and utilizing the Alano and expressed appreciation. 


Concerns discussed:

  • Toilet in downstairs bathroom and the floor underneath  Dave from church maintenance came and looked and said there is no leakage and the subfloor is in decent shape, but the tile floor needs to repaired and the toilet stabilized.


  • Shape of carpet. Perhaps re-do whole floor, not in carpet, but some kind of commercial grade floor covering. 


  • Crumbling concrete steps. .


  • Modifications that would be necessary to make building handicap accessible.


  • Challenge of keeping smokers 25 feet from building.


  • Garage will be torn down at some point. 


  • Possibility of negotiating a longer term lease (currently 3 year lease).  Talked about if there are any plans for changing the long term use of this property.  Pastor indicated there are no plans at this time to do anything with the white house except to use as Alano.


  • Church will get quotes and come back to Lonnie in next couple of weeks with work estimates. While repairs are being made, the church will allow us to use church for meetings.  Lonnie will bring quotes back to Board for discussion.


April Pledge Drive: Lonnie mentioned that only half of the meetings were signed up for by Board members willing to talk about pledging.  Board members who presented shared feedback on how their presentations went and if pledges were recruited.  Mike mentioned that he had luck bringing in one-time pledges. Lonnie will send list out again tonight with remaining open slots. 


Gopher State Roundup:  Brad received confirmation on the hospitality room.  Hotel staff will pull beds out and have tables and chairs delivered.  Brad asked the Board for permission to visit meetings and seek helpers.  Brad will give squad leaders information on suggesting second passing of basket.  Brad is making thermometer chart to show funds needed for the room.  Brad asked how we can market this club to the thousands of people that attend the Roundup. 


He suggested we make posters that show the history of the Alano and perhaps market to the south metro area as well as to younger people.  Brad asked that we ask people at meetings who might want to be part of a marketing committee.


Summer Picnic: Michon reported that she went to reserve Blackhawk Park and the only remaining time slots are 5-10pm. She was also told that reservations can be made two years’ in advance.  Doug asked if we could have the picnic Saturday instead of Sunday. . Michon will ask for Saturday timeslot and will book



New Business:

The Board is responsible for cleaning in May.  Mike asked if there is also a separate House Spring Cleaning Day.  We will schedule the Spring Cleaning Day for 1pm on Saturday the 16th.  The Board will do this and will also encourage squad leaders to ask for assistance at meetings.


Group Leaders' Guide - Mary Jo reviewed and made slight modification suggestions.  ACOA and DRA are mentioned but are no longer active at the Alano.  Susan and Martha will check who has flash drive that holds Group Leaders’ Guide and can make the changes. Lonnie asked that we revisit at next meeting.


In flier that Martha is preparing to remind squad leaders about mailboxes, she will also remind groups that the Guide exists, each group should have one, and she can provide a hard copy (or it can be obtained on the website).


Lonnie announced that Board member Mark L is unable to fulfill his term. Susan said we could leave position unfilled until next election or appoint it filled in the meantime. This person ideally would be interested in continuing the role of assistant treasurer.


Interested candidates will be asked to come to the next Board meeting.  Susan read from the Society bylaws and provided clarification.  Although Mark's term is a 3 year term, the appointed person would only fill the role until the next annual meeting. At that point, that person (or a different candidate) would need to be voted in for the vacated two years remaining on the position.  Lonnie asked that we think of possible candidates.



Motion to Close:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Mike. Mary Jo seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer at 7:16 pm. 


Yours in service,
Martha D