September 2014 Board meetings

September 2014 Board meetings

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Dakota Alano Board Meeting Notes

September 27th, 2014


Board Members Present: Martha, Michon, Rusty, Julie, Mike, Lee, Dan, Lonnie, Rusty, Mark


Board Members Absent: Mary Jo


Advisory Board and Guests: Rob (Adv Bd), Susan (Adv Bd), Hilary (guest), Jill (guest)

Brad opened the meeting with the serenity prayer at 6:03 p.m. The Twelve Traditions were read by Susan. Introductions were made.


Secretary’s Report:

A motion to approve the August Board Meeting Minutes, as emailed, was made by Brad. Rusty seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:

Julie reviewed the August 2014 Meeting Donation Summary, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet. Julie pointed out that the monthly interest on CD reduced to only $2, which could mean that a CD matured, and next Board might want to consider re-investing.


The prior fiscal year results were presented and the budget for the upcoming fiscal year (October 2014-September 2015) was reviewed. All expense projections have been kept flat. Julie provided a review of the finances for fiscal year October 2013-September 2014, comparing the budget amounts to the actual.


A Motion to accept the Budget and Treasurer’s report was made by Martha. The motion was seconded by Lonnie and the motion passed.


Squad Leader and Visitor Questions/Concerns:

Jill asked about recycling; wondering if we can also recycle plastic bottles and paper; also asked if anyone is designated to empty the cans-only bin. Susan asked if the church picks up the cans-only bin; suggested we check with them and perhaps, if not, turn it into a mixed bin container.


Julie made a motion that we change the cans-only bin to mixed recycle. Martha seconded the motion and the motion passed. It will be the responsibility of the new president to talk to Nadyne at the church about this.


Committee Reports

Lit & Med. (Mary Jo): no report


Supplies (Michon ): Michon indicated there are some supply needs which she will address.


Publishing (Dan): Dan noted that the website is ready to be viewed by the entire Board. Hilary asked question about Board member term lengths. Julie noted that the current website host will need to be contacted and terminated.



Archives (Martha ): No report.


Facilities Maintenance (Rusty): Jill asked if thermostats can be turned down to save money. Rusty reported that the thermostats are set to 68 in winter and 72 in summer. No motion to change setting.


House Security (Lonnie ): Quarterly squad leaders' meeting next month prior to board meeting. Lock change - Lonnie reported that he checked with vendors in addition to Babcock and Sons and lock change will occur on Oct 18.  New keys will be distributed at the Quarterly Squad Leaders meeting on Oct 19.


Old Business:

Operations Journal - Julie read the Board positions and responsibilities. Lonnie suggested that we move all key related functions (5b-8c) to Security rather than Maintenance and made a motion to do so. The motion was seconded by Mike and the motion passed. Lonnie also made a motion that we add the Quarterly Squad Leader Meeting to the Security description. The motion was seconded by Michon and the motion passed. Lonnie suggested adding to the President's role checking the mailbox. Mike seconded the motion and the motion passed.


House cleaning - Brad checked with cleaning people for bids; generally $45/hour with two hour minimum and to be paid on site in end (no billing), need access to building, would need to find a time to clean that fits their schedule and our ours -- keep in mind Church's requirement that no one enter House after 10pm. Martha suggested tabling discussion and bringing up at Squad Leaders' Meeting. Mike suggested that with decrease in revenue as trend, we look at alternatives to paid cleaners. Julie mentioned as well that due to donations being down, we may need to find ways to reduce expenses.


New Business:

Officer and Board position nominations and assignments:


Martha nominated Lonnie as incoming Board President. No additional nominations; Lonnie accepted the nomination. The vote was cast and passed. Lonnie and thanked Brad for his service.


Julie nominated Michon as Vice President. Brad nominated Mary Jo as Vice President. Michon indicated willingness to do another role so Mary Jo can continue in role as Vice President.


Lonnie nominated Mark as Assistant Treasurer; Mark accepted the nomination; the vote was cast and passed.  Mike, then, moves from his position as Assistant Treasurer to Treasurer. Mike thanked Julie for her service.


Michon nominated Rusty to continue his position as Facilities Maintenance. Rusty indicated willingness to do so. The vote was cast and passed


Martha nominated Dan to continue in role as Publishing/Public Relations. Dan indicated willingness to do so. The vote was cast and passed

Lonnie nominated Michon as Supplies. There were no other nominations. Michon indicated willingness to do so. The vote was cast and passed


Michon nominated Lee for House Security. No additional nominations; Lee accepted the nomination. The vote was cast and passed.


Michon nominated Martha to continue as role as Secretary.  Martha accepted the nomination.  The vote was cast and passed


Advisory Board Appointments:


Mary indicated that she is no longer interested in serving on the Advisory Board. Julie thanked Mary for her many years of service.


Martha nominated Brad for a one-year Advisory Board appointment. Brad accepted.  The vote was cast and passed


Dan nominated Julie for a one-year Advisory Board appointment.  Julie accepted.  The vote was cast and passed


Rob nominated Susan to continue for another year on the Advisory Board. She accepted.  The vote was cast and passed.


Martha nominated Rob to continue for another year on the Advisory Board. He accepted.  The vote was cast and passed


Keys will be collected from outgoing Advisory Board member Dan C.


Back door contact list will be revised to indicate that Lee, Lonnie and Dan will be new contacts.  Martha will make new sheet.


Mailbox: need someone to take over for Brad. Lonnie will assume this role.


Mike brought up that as coming in to his new role as Treasurer, a discrepancy in the accounts had been noted previously. Julie said yes, that it is an account discrepancy between $500-700. Julie indicated that this error has not been rectified; she had tried to ascertain where this came from. Mark asked if there is a procedure to charge that off. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting.


Squad Leaders' Meeting on Oct 19th at 5:15: Lonnie will coordinate with Lee prior to next meeting. Dan will make a flier announcing the meeting. Dan asked if it would be possible to create an email list of squad leaders. Michon wants to be sure that this would not replace other forms of communication.


Motion to Close:

A motion to close the meeting was made by Michon. Lonnie seconded the motion and the motion passed.


The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:15 p.m.


Yours in Service,

Martha D